1 piece of hero content produced from scatch using only archival & stock footage

Contributed to AspireIQ brand refresh & new visual identity
I had recently been transferred to the marketing department at AspireIQ while the company was evolving its value proposition | shifting from an influencer-centric approach to a community-centric approach.

After production for a piece of community-centric hero content was cancelled I was tasked with using existing footage to produce a new piece of content that would satisfy the same narrative. The challenge: the existing footage was filmed months prior with no intention to be used as our principal community-centric content.
I collaborated with our content marketing team to develop a comprehensive understanding of our company’s new direction and content goals and was able to develop a completely new piece of hero content from scratch using the archive of existing footage. I iterated with our in-house creative & brand team to simultaneously develop a new visual identity for AspireIQ that echoed the themes of the company’s new community narrative, we ended up with a final cut that everyone from marketing to leadership felt exceeded the original content goals.

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